From Our President

Since 2012, I have had the honor and privilege of leading the National Police Foundation. Having served in law enforcement and city government for nearly 40 years, I anticipated finding the National Police Foundation to be a valuable and trusted resource. What I could not have known is just how instrumental the Foundation’s work is to so many law enforcement and community leaders who care deeply about those who serve and those whom we serve.

Although the Foundation has enjoyed nearly 50 years of leadership in our field, its opportunities and impact have grown exponentially over the last seven years. Emphasizing the incorporation of science and innovation in all that we do, we have expanded our reach and impact across the U.S. and internationally. Our critical incident reviews of major acts of mass violence have led to significant changes in how we respond to these tragedies; we are embracing new technologies to explore the impacts they may have in policing and to protect communities; and through our reform initiatives we have worked together with communities, police officers, and police leaders to make positive, sustainable changes towards what has been referred to as “rightful policing.”

We’ve touched and learned from policing in Canada, India, Israel, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, as our international work and interests have expanded. We’ve entered into new areas such as combating violent extremism and the management of jail operations by law enforcement agencies, and have continued with our traditions of groundbreaking research as described in this report. As this chapter in my professional life draws to a close with my retirement at the end of 2018, I look forward to watching the National Police Foundation continue to have a positive influence on our communities and those who serve and protect each of them.

Chief James R. Bueermann (Ret.)

President, National Police Foundation

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